Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Prediction Tools

Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Prediction Tools


Our gastric carcinoma nomogram is an online tool that can be used to predict the chance of survival up to nine years after surgery (complete resection) for patients who have had the disease.

Who Can Use This Tool?

This nomogram was designed to be used by physicians and people with gastric cancer. If you are a patient, we recommend that you use this tool only in consultation with your doctor.

This nomogram can help to determine an individual’s prognosis after surgery. It is appropriate for patients who have had a curative resection (R0 resection) for gastric carcinoma in the past six months.

Why Is This Tool Useful?

Having an accurate prognosis is important because it can help patients and their physicians evaluate the best treatment plan following surgery.

What Information Will You Need?

In order for this nomogram to provide an accurate prediction, you must include accurate values for all of the information below.

  • Age: Patient’s current age.
  • Tumor size: From 0.001 to 20 cm.
  • Gender: Male or female.
  • Primary location of tumor: Antrum/pyloric, middle third, GE junction, middle third.
  • Tumor histology: Pathologist’s assessment of the tumor cell type, either diffuse, intestinal, or mixed.
  • Depth of tumor invasion: Level in the stomach or to other organs to which the tumor has penetrated.
  • Percentage of positive nodes: Number of positive, or cancerous, samples taken during biopsy.
  • Percentage of negative nodes: Number of negative, or noncancerous, samples taken during biopsy.

To better understand the results of the nomogram, patients should discuss survival estimates with their doctors.

Use our gastric carcinoma nomogram.

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