Stomach Cancer Experts

We’re one of the few National Cancer Institute–designated cancer centers with a specific program in upper gastrointestinal tract cancers.

Significant progress has been made in the treatment of gastric cancer over the past few years, with more people diagnosed with early-stage tumors surviving the disease than ever before. Many of these success stories are at Memorial Sloan Kettering, where our team diagnoses and treats more people with stomach cancer than any other cancer center in the United States.

Your MSK team will include doctors who specialize in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and more — all working together to customize a plan of care that fits your unique needs.

Select from the list below to learn more about our doctors, as well as their education, training, board certifications, publications, and specific areas of clinical expertise.

Sam S. Yoon, MD
Sam S. Yoon
Sir Murray F. Brennan, GNZM, MD, FACS
Sir Murray F. Brennan

Senior Vice President of International Programs; Benno C. Schmidt Chair in Clinical Oncology

Daniel G. Coit, MD, FACS
Daniel G. Coit
Jeffrey Drebin, surgeon and Chief, Department of Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Jeffrey Drebin

Chair, Department of Surgery; Murray F. Brennan Chair in Surgery

Vivian E. Strong, MD, FACS
Vivian E. Strong

Iris Cantor Chair

Minimally Invasive Surgery
Gastroenterology and Preventive Oncology
Medical Oncology
Radiation Therapy
MSK radiation oncologist John Cuaron
John J. Cuaron

Chief for External Beam Radiotherapy, Long Island

Richard M. Gewanter, MD
Richard M. Gewanter
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist J. Isabelle Choi
J. Isabelle Choi
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Christopher Crane
Christopher Crane

Vice Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist David Guttmann
David M. Guttmann
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Carla Hajj
Carla Hajj
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Justin Mann
Justin M. Mann
Marsha Reyngold, MD, PhD
Marsha Reyngold
MSK radiation oncologist Paul Romesser
Paul Romesser
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Diana Roth O'Brien
Diana Roth O’Brien
Radiation oncologist Daniel Shasha
Daniel Shasha

Chief of Radiation Oncology, Norwalk Hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Jacob Y. Shin
Jacob Y. Shin
Richard Tuli, MD, PhD
Richard Tuli

Director, Developmental Therapeutics

Social Work