Stomach Cancer Clinical Trials & Research

Stomach Cancer Clinical Trials & Research


MSK is a major research institution. During your treatment for stomach cancer, your care team may ask if you want to join a clinical trial.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies that test new treatments, procedures, or devices to see how well they work. They are an important part of helping to prevent, treat, and cure cancer. Almost every cancer treatment given to patients was first tested during a clinical trial.

MSK tests new treatments for stomach cancer. Treatment trials test new drugs, drug combinations, devices, and ways of doing procedures, surgery, or radiation therapy.

Sometimes a clinical trial gives you access to new therapies that are not yet available at most hospitals. Talk with your doctor about whether joining a clinical trial is right for you.

Clinical trials are designed to answer questions about:

  • Safety
  • Benefits
  • Side effects
  • Whether some people are helped more than others

MSK will start a clinical trial only if our researchers think we can improve methods for cancer:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Diagnosis
  • Screening

For more information, please read Clinical Trials at MSK: What You Need to Know.

Clinical trials you may be able to join

MSK is researching better ways to identify what can raise the risk of getting gastric cancer. We’re gathering important information in a research project. You may be able to join our Hereditary Gastric Cancer Registry and Gastric Precursor Registry.

You may be able to join clinical trials. You can see a current listing of MSK’s clinical trials for stomach cancer below.

Currently Enrolling

To learn more about a study, choose from the list below.

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