Radiation Therapy for Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

Radiation Therapy for Stomach (Gastric) Cancer


Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays or particles to kill cancer cells. At Memorial Sloan Kettering we often use this approach after stomach cancer surgery if we think it might help you. Your treatment team may recommend radiation therapy by itself or along with chemotherapy.

For example, if surgery isn’t an option for you, radiation therapy may help make you more comfortable by reducing your symptoms. We can use sophisticated technologies to deliver radiation directly to tumors in and around your stomach while limiting exposure to nearby healthy tissue.

Our radiation specialists monitor how you’re doing during as well as after treatment using advanced imaging and specialized techniques. We may also recommend a clinical trial that is studying a new combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

With image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) we can treat tumors with even more accuracy by taking multiple images of the tumor during treatment. This helps us make sure we are aiming the beam of radiation to the correct area and not damaging any other tissue nearby.

Respiratory Gating

Because your stomach can shift when you breathe, our radiation therapists use respiratory gating to deliver radiation at specific points in your breathing cycle. Real-time CT scans are used during your treatment session to determine the best position of the tumor for giving radiation.

Radiation Safety

Keeping you as safe as possible during radiation therapy is as important to us as treating your cancer. Our medical physicists work closely with your radiation oncologist to carefully plan the radiation dosage before your treatment. Medical physicists will be there during your treatment to ensure that the radiation is delivered precisely where it’s needed.

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