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Chinese American Cancer Care Access Program

The Chinese American Health Initiative seeks to reduce health and cancer disparities in the Chinese American community through research, outreach and education.

Our Services

In partnership with a coalition of community-based organizations and service providers, the Chinese American Health Initiative conducts outreach and education to help cancer patients find cancer support services, navigate the healthcare system, and access medical interpreting services.

Our Research

The Chinese American Health Initiative utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to assess and address health and cancer disparities in the Chinese community. Currently, we are conducting four studies:

Adapting Individual Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy (IMCP) in Advanced Cancer for the Chinese Immigrant Population

Adapting the IMCP intervention through formative research, including a community needs assessment and in-depth interviews, to be culturally and linguistically tailored for Chinese immigrant cancer patients.

Use of Herbal Chinese Medicine, Betel Quid, Tobacco, and Alcohol among Chinese Cancer Patients

Examining the use and impact of traditional Chinese medicine and other substances in patients who are also undergoing conventional cancer treatment.

Chinese Taxi Needs Assessment

A substudy of an NIMHD-funded R24 project (Taxi Network), and aims to assess health needs among Chinese taxi and livery drivers.

A Lung Cancer Screening Survey for Primary Care Providers

Aimed to assess knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs related to current lung cancer screening guidelines among providers serving communities with high prevalence rates of smoking, including the Chinese driver community.

Contact Us

For more information about Chinese American Health Initiative activities, please contact Jennifer Leng at

For more information about our research, please contact Nicole Roberts at