MSK Mobile Health Unit in the Community

MSK Mobile Health Unit in the Community

MSK Mobile Health Unit in the Community

The Mobile Health Unit brings health education and services directly to communities.

It can be easier to manage your family’s healthcare needs when you can find resources and talk to healthcare experts in your local community. These experts can help you find the right care, make healthier food choices, reduce your risk for disease, and get health insurance for you and your family. 
Through our Mobile Health Unit, the Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center brings these services to where you live, work, shop, or worship.

Mobile Health Unit

MSK’s traveling Mobile Health Unit was a gift from our friends at the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission and is a part of a larger outreach program overseen by the Commission.

Health and Wellness Education Services

At events with our Mobile Health Unit, our staff members provide general health and wellness education and offer the following services: 

  • Help with getting access to and understanding healthcare services
  • Information about how to sign up for health insurance programs
  • Tips about nutrition and healthy food choices and how to increase physical activity
  • Blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol screenings
  • Information about screening tests for different types of cancer and assistance in accessing them
  • Education about the HPV vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine
  • Expert advice for reducing cancer risk

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Contact Us

To learn more about the Mobile Health Unit program and the neighborhoods we are scheduled to visit, please email us at [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] with your name and phone number (if you prefer), and we will get back to you soon.