Main Surgical Center

Main Surgical Center


We perform more than 16,000 surgical procedures in our main surgical facility each year.

Located on the 6th and 2nd floors of Memorial Hospital, the unit has 28 treatment rooms, all of which are equipped for minimally invasive surgery.

We also perform a wide range of specialized outpatient and short stay surgeries at our freestanding Josie Robertson Surgery Center.

Advanced Technologies

In our main surgical center we frequently use the most-advanced technology to precisely and safely perform complex cancer surgery, including intraoperative radiation therapy, robotic surgery, and intraoperative MRI.

Each of our operating rooms features a dynamic visual system called the Wall of Knowledge.  Four 50-inch, wall-mounted flat-panel screens display complete, real-time patient information — generated by diverse information systems, physiological monitors, and medical devices — as well as video of the ongoing surgery, current laboratory data, and radiologic images.

The Wall of Knowledge offers the following capabilities:

  • Surgeons and nurses have a visual image of an operation as it occurs, and receive continual updates on the patient’s status, such as blood pressure, pulse, and oxygenation.
  • Operating room staff can extract and then disseminate pathology specimen information while the surgery is taking place.
  • Patient information can be shared quickly and accurately, increasing efficiency and safety, improving surgical outcomes, and reducing the risk of complications.

Other Special Features 

To meet the specific needs of cancer patients, our facilities offer:

  • A Presurgical Center (PSC) featuring numerous presurgery bays and dedicated pediatric rooms
  • State-of-the-art postanesthesia care unit (PACU) bays  
  • Six isolation rooms for infection control in the PACU and PSC
  • An intraoperative MRI–equipped operating room suspended within the building to eliminate vibrations
  • Private family consultation rooms in the patient care area

Specialized Care

Every OR is staffed by a registered nurse and surgical technologist, providing continuity of care for each patient. These specialized nurses are trained as part of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s disease management teams for specific cancers. A bachelor’s degree is required of all registered nurses, and each inpatient unit is managed by a clinical nurse specialist with a master’s degree.

Every nurse in the operating room has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of aseptic principles, patient safety, and techniques to maintain an optimal therapeutic surgical environment. The nurses are also highly trained to direct or assist with the care and handling of all OR supplies, equipment, and instruments, to ensure their efficient use for the patient and personnel under both normal and hazardous conditions.