Bridges: A Newsletter for Survivors

Bridges: A Newsletter for Survivors

Bridges Winter 2023 Cover

Bridges, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s newsletter for survivors, offers a forum where patients and their families can share stories of inspiration and hope, and of the challenges that can accompany a cancer journey. We encourage you to submit your story to Bridges.


  • Winter 2023
    For our 59th issue, as we reflect on the third year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, survivors share their perspectives on similarities between COVID-19 and cancer life adjustments; past writers update us on their lives today; a young adult survivor’s experience comes full-circle when she pursues a career in pediatric oncology; we learn about martial arts at MSK; a patient and a psychologist weigh in on the importance of mental health; and a survivor explains why she’s lucky.


  • Fall 2022
    In this issue, we reflect on the second online Survivorship Celebration, an MSK employee and a two-time Breast Cancer Warrior opens up about how she managed grief and discovered inspiration, a survivor explains how he rebuilt himself after cancer, the Ralph Lauren Center offers insight on eating well, another survivor reveals how he found meaning in his cancer experience, the Integrative Medicine Service provides information on supplements, and a prior Bridges writer updates us on his life today.
  • Summer 2022
    The fourth extended 12-page edition of Bridges is here! Our cover-story survivor shares advice on how to keep going, a young adult survivor provides insight on dating with a disability, MSK clinicians explain radiation fibrosis syndrome and treatments, a past writer lets us know where they are now, and much more.
  • Spring 2022
    In this issue, Dr. Emily Tonorezos of the National Cancer Institute gives her take on survivorship care and research advancements in the special Guest Editorial, a survivor finds her unexpected miracle, we learn tips from Patient Financial Services on how to improve financial health, and another survivor opens up about her post-treatment symptoms. In addition, March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: Dr. Robin Mendelsohn provides information on young onset colorectal cancer and a colorectal cancer survivor shares her story.
  • Winter 2022
    In this issue, an MSK clinician and a survivor share information on how to practice sun safety in the winter; a tongue cancer survivor finds the positive (and a new wardrobe!); an artist and endurance runner reveals how he set goals in survivorship; an MSK psychologist answers questions on anxiety and depression in survivorship; and survivors trade insights on telemedicine.


  • Fall 2021
    In the fall 2021 issue of Bridges, we recap the first-ever virtual Survivorship Celebration; a teenage son and caregiver describes his experience with his father’s cancer; we learn about bone health for cancer survivors and the services provided by MSK’s dental service; a brain cancer survivor shares her “new-found fascination with the brain;” a BMT survivor reveals what inspires her; and a writer gets comfortable with uncertainty while continuing to plan for the future.
  • Summer 2021
    Our third extended 12-page Bridges issue features a young adult survivor and her mother; helpful information on telemedicine and sun protection; a survivor story from one of MSK’s own nurses and another from an MSK Integrative Medicine yoga instructor; and a survivor asks, “How are you now?”
  • Spring 2021
    A survivor, genetic counselor, and geneticist share information on genetic counseling and testing for hereditary cancer; a young adult discusses his life-changing experience with bone cancer; a retired teacher reflects back on being treated decades ago and what her life in survivorship brought; and we learn from a survivor why life is good.
  • Winter 2021
    In this winter 2021 Bridges issue, survivors provide their insights and words of advice on the COVID-19 pandemic; a prostate cancer survivor turns tragedy into triumph; one writer shares how she turned her attention to living well for today and filling each day with meaning; another survivor reflects in a poem; and both professionals and survivors share their perspectives on changes and shifting needs and priorities in survivorship.
  • Fall 2020
    In this 50th issue: A psychologist shares how his experience helped him relate to his patients; helpful information about body image in survivorship is provided; a survivor comes back around to golf and the things he loves; another survivor learns to seize the moment and becomes a writer; and an MSK retiree and artist shares her decision to have her breast implants permanently removed.
  • Summer 2020
    In recent months, MSK has been at the forefront in providing additional care and treatment services related to COVID-19 for all patients. In this second-ever extended 12-page issue: a couple talks about how they formed connections, a mother shares her source of inspiration, a survivor reflects on how cancer at 18 months old affected the rest of his life, a young adult remembers through a poem, a retired educator shares what it’s like to live through 5 possible cancer diagnoses, a BMT donor answers questions, and a cord blood recipient explains why he is “lucky.”
  • Spring 2020
    March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: A survivor shares his story of being diagnosed with stage III colon cancer at age 47; a survivor tells us how she and her dog became part of MSK’s Caring Canines program; and we learn about mindfulness meditation at MSK’s Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center.
  • Winter 2020
    A four-time survivor and veteran paratrooper shares his secret to happiness; Integrative Medicine Service Chief Jun Mao discusses the latest techniques to address insomnia; a professor reveals how she took charge of her life after cancer; a survivor describes his journey from Hong Kong to MSK; and RLAC social worker Leah Moroge provides tips to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Fall 2019
    In this extended 12-page issue, Tiffany Dyba, a survivor, learns how to make lemonade out of chemo; Jim DeSimone, a survivor, talks about his new focus on teaching at work and loving at home; and Sara Olson, a caregiver, shares how her daughter’s diagnosis brought her to work at MSK as an epidemiologist for 24 years.
  • Summer 2019
    An MSK employee shares her cancer survivorship story; the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are reviewed; and survivors describe how their experiences have influenced their faith and happiness.
  • Spring 2019
    Family inspires a survivor from diagnosis into survivorship; Nancy Sibio, a caregiver, describes the experience of a cancer diagnosis as a newlywed; a professional and a survivor offer practical information and advice on living with an ostomy; and Thomas Coccia, a survivor, describes the changes surrounding a cancer diagnosis and survivorship today.
  • Winter 2019
    Emily Nikoo describes her experience as a caregiver from diagnosis into survivorship; David Kerr, a cancer survivor, makes a connection on an Angel Flight; and MSK’s Food and Nutrition Services talk about healthy eating made simple!
  • Fall 2018
    Pediatric cancer survivor, Selma Sulejman, shares her experience with retinoblastoma and how to persevere, members of the Department of Psychiatry address cancer PTSD, and Erin Cummings, a survivor, shares her story of motherhood.
  • Summer 2018
    Bridges celebrates its 10th year of publication; patient, Karen May, and husband, John Marra, share their journey from both a patient and caregiver perspective; and cancer survivor, Susan Shaw, finds purpose in the Empire Dragon Boat team.
  • Spring 2018
    A patient, Edward Bell, pays tribute to MSK’s employees; Mike Philbin, a cancer survivor, describes his experience as a volunteer at MSK; and psychologist Allison Applebaum answers question about caring for the caregiver.
  • Winter 2018
    Carl Granum, cancer survivor, talks about fatherhood and what he learned from his cancer experience and Rosemary Semler, MSK Fertility Specialist, shares information about fertility preservation before and after treatment for cancer.
  • Fall 2017
    Cancer survivor, Ed Langan, describes how he gives back by volunteering at a local nursing home and Lisania Milli, NP, describes MSK’s Women’s Sexual Health Program.
  • Summer 2017
    An MSK Nutritionist discusses nutrition’s role in bone health and a patient answers questions about her experience with weight loss after cancer.
  • Spring 2017
    A patient describes her experiences with post-treatment hearing loss and her use of hearing aids and a caregiver discusses her mother’s cancer and life in survivorship.
  • Winter 2017
    Barbara Golby, MSK Social Worker, provides information about MSK’s Resources for Life After Cancer program that provides support to patients after they finish treatment and a patient answers questions about his experiences with post-treatment cardiac effects.
  • Fall 2016
    MSK Psychiatrist, Dr. Yesne Alici, discusses sleep strategies for cancer survivors, a patient shares his story about gaining a new family because of his bone marrow transplant and Ellen Greenfield shares a fun, nutritional soup recipe.
  • Summer 2016
    A patient describes the commonalities he has noticed amongst cancer survivors and the Director of MSK’s Blood Donor Program answers questions about blood donation at MSK.
  • Spring 2016
    MSK physical therapists Danele Silverman and Linda Gonzalez provide information about occupational and physical therapy and we discuss several summer camps and outdoor adventures in this issue’s Resource Review.
  • Winter 2016
    A lymphoma survivor describes her bone marrow transplant experience and a special Resource Review highlights the Be the Match Registry of the National Marrow Donor Program.
  • Fall 2015
    A breast cancer survivor describes her experiences with dating after a mastectomy and the supportive singing group, Rising Voices, provides a welcome relief for MSK patients, survivors and caregivers.
  • Summer 2015
    Teri Scheinzeit, a New York City business coach and singer-songwriter, writes about how a cancer diagnosis as a child shaped her life and Executive Chef Paul Garey discusses changes to the MSK cafeteria and menu.
  • Spring 2015
    Dr. Lee Jones discusses his research on the relationship between exercise and cancer survivorship and Maurisha Osi explains the wonderful resource that is the Patient and Caregiver Volunteer Program.
  • Winter 2015
    An MSK physician and patient each discuss their unique perspectives on radiation fibrosis and we get a look at the new customized search engine from Patient and Caregiver Education.
  • Fall 2014
    MSK social workers and a patient share their expertise and thoughts on “scanxiety” and an announcement about the new Cancer Survivorship Center at MSK.
  • Summer 2014
    An MSK employee tells his own cancer story and a physician shares information on hair loss and thinning in cancer survivors.
  • Spring 2014
    A retired schoolteacher coins a new word to explain the extraordinary support she received from a colleague and fellow cancer survivor, and a nurse gives advice on filling prescriptions.
  • Winter 2014
    A patient expresses gratitude towards Memorial Sloan Kettering and a biology teacher shares how she has overcome late effects of cancer treatment to pursue her passion for teaching.
  • Fall 2013
    A cancer survivor offers tips for reducing stress and Memorial Sloan Kettering experts offer advice for sexual health after cancer treatment.
  • Summer 2013
    A young man describes his journey from colorectal cancer patient to gold medalist, and a survivor shares the health benefits of practicing Qigong.
  • Spring 2013
    A patient offers recommendations for coping with survivor’s guilt, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Executive Chef Pnina Peled shares a spring recipe.
  • Winter 2013
    A book offers guidance on skin care for people living with cancer, and a survivor discusses making the transition from patient to caregiver.
  • Fall 2012
    A patient-to-patient volunteer offers recommendations for coping with the fear of cancer recurrence, and a bone marrow transplant survivor shares his story.
  • Summer 2012
    A rehabilitation expert describes therapies for managing lymphedema, and the editors review Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Art Expressions program.
  • Spring 2012
    A survivor gives advice about advocating for your health, and a genetic counselor answers questions about genetic testing and counseling.
  • Winter 2012
    Dan Barry, a national columnist for the New York Times, delivers a guest editorial, and a survivor offers advice about careers after cancer.
  • Fall 2011
    A bladder cancer survivor shares his story, and pain and palliative care expert Paul Glare describes how palliative care is used to manage pain for cancer survivors.
  • Summer 2011
    A woman shares how her parents’ cancer diagnoses had an impact on her, and infectious diseases specialist Monika Shah gives travel precautions for patients.
  • Spring 2011
    Patient editor Eileen Gould explains how cancer survivors can connect, and a physical therapist shares exercises to improve stability.
  • Winter 2011
    A teenager shares her experience with medulloblastoma, and a father relays how adoption can be an option for building a family after cancer.
  • Fall 2010
    Psychiatrist Jimmie Holland offers advice about minimizing pre-visit anxiety, and a survivor provides suggestions on coping with hair loss.
  • Summer 2010
    A survivor offers decision-making strategies to use when considering breast reconstruction, and patient editor Eileen Gould reviews the cancer support service Imerman Angels.
  • Spring 2010
    An ovarian cancer survivor shares her story, a neuroblastoma survivor suggests methods for managing anxiety, and a survivor reviews the Cancer and Careers website.
  • Winter 2009
    A ten-year-old shares his “leukemia adventure,” and a survivor and a physical therapist give strategies for managing osteoporosis
  • Fall 2009
    A survivor offers advice on coping with physical changes, and the creator of Cycle for Survival shares her story.
  • Summer 2009
    Patient and family advisors convey how they are improving the quality of patient care at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and a survivor shares a poem.
  • Online Supplement, Spring 2009
    A breast cancer patient shares her story.
  • Spring 2009
    An amputee relays her experience participating in the Beijing Paralympics, and psychologist Tim Ahles offers insights into chemo brain.
  • Winter 2008
    A pancreatic cancer survivor shares her story, and chaplain Jane Mather discusses how spirituality can be woven into your cancer journey.
  • Fall 2008
    A cancer survivor’s wife shares advice about discussing a cancer diagnosis with children, and social workers review the book 100 Questions & Answers About Life After Cancer.
  • Summer 2008
    This inaugural issue features an article by integrative medicine expert Gary Deng and a welcome piece by patient editor Eileen Gould.