Clinical Medicine and Oncology Sub-internship (Course Code: M-115)

Elective Course Description

The Clinical Medicine and Oncology Sub-internship in Medicine is a four-week rotation that allows the senior medical student to take on the role of a medical intern. The student is assigned to one of the inpatient oncology medicine teams to care for hospitalized patients. There is close supervision by an attending physician and the student is integrated into the team structure. The student takes call with a supervising resident and is expected to attend the daily teaching conferences offered to the medical house staff. Students on this rotation are exposed to patients with a wide range of medical disease and are expected to become proficient at history taking, the physical exam, the development of a diagnostic and treatment plan, and coordination of care. The medicine sub-internship is a rigorous rotation that prepares the student for internship.

Learning Objectives

  1. Obtain a complete and reliable history and perform a complete and reliable physical exam in patients with cancer.

  2. Organize and deliver a concise and reliable oral presentation during rounds.

  3. Develop a diagnostic and therapeutic treatment plan and coordinate inpatient care during hospitalization.

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Carolyn N. Erickson, MD