Medical Student Summer Fellowship Program FAQs


1. What are my chances of getting into the program?

The Summer Fellowship Program is highly competitive. In 2022, our acceptance yield was 8 percent. However, since students apply for specific projects, some projects are more competitive than others. It is recommended that students apply for those projects that specifically interest them and for which they have relevant academic preparation and/or research experience.

2. When is the deadline for submission?

All applications and the Letter of Good Standing submission must be complete and received by the application deadline, which is January 6, 2023, EST. There will be no extensions granted.

3. What are the dates of the program?

The program will run for 8 weeks from June 12, 2023 until August 4, 2023.

Applicants should consider final exam schedules, second- or third year start dates, and any anticipated personal commitments during program dates before applying. Uninterrupted participation is required.

4. When will I find out if I’ve been accepted to the program?

All applicants will be notified of a decision by email during the Week of January 30, 2023.

Accepted students will be expected to confirm their participation within three business days of their acceptance notification or forfeit their spot in the program.

Our application will close on January 6, 2023 and all student applications will move to the faculty review phase. Notifications of acceptance / denial in the program are sent via email once faculty members have reviewed all applications for their project.

5. What is the difference between my personal statement and research statement within my application?

Your personal statement shouldn’t exceed 3,000 characters (including spaces) and should address your interest in oncology and the program or experience. Your research preference summary (250 words or less) should address the projects you chose.

6. Where can I find the 2023 projects for the fellowship program?

The projects and descriptions for 2023 are listed in the actual application. Applicants must begin the application and complete the demographic sections, to review the available projects. We provide the project title and description and not the faculty member, as we would like students to apply to projects based on interest.