Gynecologic Surgical Oncology (Course Code: OB-107)

Gynecologic Surgical Oncology (Course Code: OB-107)


Elective Course Description

In this fourth-year elective, the student will participate in all of the activities of the Gynecology Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Emphasis will be placed on the pretreatment evaluation of patients, the available modalities of therapy (surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy), and the principles by which a choice of treatment is ultimately made.

The student will have the opportunity to participate in unit rounds and in operations. They will also be able to attend the Gynecology Service’s conferences and lectures and other pertinent meetings in Memorial Hospital and the Sloan Kettering Institute.  

Learning objectives 

  1. Identify anatomical structures of the female pelvis.
  2. Organize and deliver a clear, concise, and thorough oral presentation of a post-operative patient with pertinent examination.
  3. Understand the basic principles of the surgical management of gynecologic malignancies.

Suggested Literature

Handbook for Principles and Practices of Gynecologic Oncology. Douglas A. Levine et al.

For the program calendar, please see the elective module dates section of our website.