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Molecular Imaging and Therapy (Course Code: RD-103)

Elective Course Description

This diverse elective allows students to choose between two different opportunities, a clinical or a research elective, within molecular imaging and therapy.

The first opportunity is with a busy clinical service that will expose the student to general nuclear medicine applications that includes diverse oncologic imaging such as PET/CT, nuclear cardiology, and targeted therapy with radiolabeled antibodies/peptides.

Alternately, a student can choose a molecular imaging research elective with exposure to a variety of investigational radiotracers, cyclotron radiochemistry, as well as multimodality small animal imaging. The student will work alongside seasoned investigators of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s NIH-funded (P50 CA086438) Center for Molecular Imaging in Cancer program grant.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding how Positron-Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals are produced.

  2. Understand the definition of Theranostic Radiotracer Pair.

  3. Understand the difference between SPECT and PET.