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During the Elective

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1. How do I get to the Graduate Medical Education Office at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center?

We are located at 1275 York Avenue (between East 67th and 68th Streets), Room M-2101D. See map.

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2. What is the dress code?

Medical students are expected to wear a short white jacket beginning the first day of the elective. Long white lab coats and short white lab jackets with a school patch are not permitted. Short white jackets may be purchased for $10 from the Medical Student Coordinator upon your arrival.

Acceptable Attire

  • Women: Blouses, shirts, sweaters, long pants, or casual skirts. NO jeans, sneakers, or athletic shoes.
  • Men: Shirt and tie, casual slacks and shoes with socks. NO jeans, sneakers or athletic shoes.
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