2014 Sample Projects


Summer research projects reflect a broad-based perspective on the entire research cycle, from discovery to development to delivery of care. Project areas include laboratory bench research, clinical research, biostatistics, and epidemiology, among others.

  • Clinical and Translational Research in Thoracic Surgical Oncology — Novel Therapies in Mediastinal Tumors and Outcomes in Lung Cancer
  • Attitudes Toward Opioids in Patients with Cancer Pain
  • Neurologic Complications in Patients with Childhood cancer: The MSK Experience from 2012-2014
  • Functional MRI of Important Brain Cortices Adjacent to Brain Tumors
  • Assessment of Outcome Variance by Clinical and Molecular Melanoma Subtype Infections after Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Quality of Life and Clinical Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer
  • Depression in Older Adult Cancer Survivors
  • Eye Examination under Anesthesia for Children with Retinoblastoma, a Ten-Year MSK Experience
  • Experimental Immunotherapy for Melanoma
  • Hypofractionated Image-Guided Radiation Therapy of the Spine: Analysis of Factors Associated with Local Tumor Control
  • Breast Cancer and the Workforce: Ethnic Differences in the Impact of Breast Cancer on Employment Outcomes, Financial Situation, and Quality of Life
  • Characterization and Classification of Variants with Uncertain Significance (VUS) in Tumor Suppressor Genes Identified through Clinical Genetic Testing
  • Integrative Medicine: Clinical Research, AboutHerbs Website, Observation