Areas of Research


Summer research projects reflect a broad-based perspective on the entire research cycle, from discovery to development to delivery of care. This includes translational research that moves laboratory findings to the bedside and, conversely, clinical insights into the laboratory. Projects include laboratory bench research, clinical research, biostatistics and epidemiology, as well as quality assurance.

Previous Projects

Service Project Title
Clinical Chemistry Multiplexed Gene Expression and Pharmacogenetics Analyisis: Laboratory Testing in an Era of Personalized Medicine
Behavioral Science Psychosocial Adjustment in Female Patients with Clinical Localized Cutaneous Melanoma
Colorectal Decision Aids and Their Role in Surgical Decision Making
Colorectal Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Family Registry Patient Update
Cytogenetics & Solid Tumor Genetics Genetic Alterations in Treatment-Induced Leukemias
Dermatology Noninvasive Multimodal Confocal Imaging of Skin Cancers
Epidemiology Familial Pancreatic Tumor Registry
Epidemiology/Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory Clonality in Patients with Multiple Lung Cancer
Gastric & Mixed Tumor Hernia Morbidity in the Cancer Patient
Gastrointestinal Oncology Patient and Genetic Factors Associated with Complete Response to Chemotherapy in Esophagastric Cancer
Gastrointestinal Oncology Genetics and Epidemiology of Gastric Cancer
Gynecology Nomogram for Predicting Three-and Five-Year Survival After Recurrence of Ovarian Cancer
Gynecology Postoperative Testing in Patients Who Have Had Surgical Procedures for Benign and Malignant Gynecologic Indications

High-Throughput Drug Screening Facility

A Novel Approach for Identifying Pharmacophore Moiety Within the Biologically Active Natural Product Cephalotaxus Esters: Uncovering Differential Susceptibilities to Multidrug Resistance

High-Throughput Drug Screening Facility
A Kinase-Focused RNAi Screen Identified Novel Mediators of Apoptosis
Immunology Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer: Preclinical Studies
Immunology/Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation The Role of IL-17-Producing T Helper Cells in Graft-Versus-Host Disease
Immunology/Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation The Role of CEACAM-1 in Bone Marrow Transplantation
Infectious Diseases Infections After Bone Marrow Transplantation
Infectious Diseases Cellular Reconstitution to Pathogens After Bone Marrow Transplantation
Integrative Medicine Botanicals (Herbs) in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Integrative Medicine Bioavailability and Mechanisms of Botanical Agents: Toward a Clinical Trial
Integrative Medicine Acupuncture fo Symptom Control in Cancer Patients
Lymphoma/Hematology Transformation Rates of Follicular Lymphoma Before and After the Rituximab Era
Medical Physics A Study of the Natural History of Prostate Cancer
Melanoma Guidelines for Follow-Up of Stage III Melanoma Patients
Melanoma/Sarcoma Non-AIDS-Defining Cancers in HIV-Infected Individuals
Neuroanesthesiology Research Laboratoroy Functional Neuroimaging of Drug-Induced Amnesia
Neurology Gliogene: Identifying Environmental and Genetic Factors That Predispose to Development of Brain Tumors
Neuro-Oncology Patterns and Outcomes of Treatment in Older Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Neuro-Oncology Effect of ABC Transporter on Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI) in a Glioma Mouse Model
Neuroradiology Changes in Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the White Matter in Patients with Brain Tumors After Surgery and Radiation Therapy
Neuroradiology Functional MRI of Important Brain Cortices Adjacent to Brain Tumors
Nuclear Medicine Molecular Imaging of Tumors
Ophthalmic Oncology Meta-Analysis of Visual Results Following Systemic Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma
Psychiatry Elderly with Cancer: Psychiatric and Psychosocial Issues
Psychiatry Distress in the Elderly with Cancer
Quality Assessment Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement: Relevance to Patient Care
Radiation Oncology Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in the Treatment of Oral Cavity Cancer
Radiation Oncology Comparison of the Acute and Late Toxicities as well as Efficacy for Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Treated with Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Using High Dose Cis-Platinum Chemotherapy Versus Cetuximab
Solid Tumor/Breast Anit-VEEGF Targeted Therapy in an Elderly Oncology Population: The MSKCC Experience