School of Radiation Therapy: Mission, Goals, and Student Outcomes

School of Radiation Therapy: Mission, Goals, and Student Outcomes


Established in 1970, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center School of Radiation Therapy is dedicated to preparing its students to become professional radiation therapists. The mission of the program is to prepare professional radiation therapists who demonstrate the highest quality of technical expertise; provide competent, compassionate clinical care in serving their patients; and collaborate effectively with their colleagues.


Fulfillment of the program’s mission is assessed by the extent to which the program accomplishes the following goals:

  1. Produce graduates with the knowledge and practical skills needed to provide accurate treatment delivery.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will be clinically competent
      • Students will be adequately prepared for an entry-level position both clinically and didactically
  1. Provide the opportunity for the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students are able to recognize inconsistencies and/or errors in set-up instructions and patient set-ups
      • Student graduates are challenged with critical thinking and problem-solving opportunities
      • Students will use software to design a treatment plan and perform dose calculations
      • Students will be proficient at reading and evaluating images and making correct shifts on treatment fields.
  1. Produce graduates who are effective communicators, both in writing and orally.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will demonstrate written and oral communication skills
      • Students will communicate effectively with patients, therapists, physicians and support staff
  1. Produce graduates who exhibit appropriate professional and ethical behavior for entry-level radiation therapy positions and demonstrate interest for professional development.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students will show respect for staff and patients
      • Students will show consideration and sensitivity for staff and patients
      • Students will critically assess situation, exercise care, discretion and judgment
      • Student graduates will be dependable and reliable
      • Student graduates will demonstrate an interest for professional development.
  1. Produce graduates who complete the program and gain employment to meet the needs of the healthcare community.
    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      • Students graduate within a two-year period of time
      • Students will pass the ARRT certification exam at the first attempt
      • Student graduates will find employment within 12 months of graduation
      • Graduates are well-prepared to work as entry level therapists
      • Employers choose to hire future Memorial Sloan Kettering graduates