Outpatient Care

MSK Kids nurse meets with a teen patient

The majority of our care is delivered on an outpatient basis, so your family can spend more time outside of the hospital.

One of our priorities is keeping your child’s life as normal as possible. MSK Kids has pioneered cancer care for children outside of the hospital room from the day we opened the world’s first Pediatric Day Hospital in 1969. Today, we deliver more than 90 percent of our care — such as chemotherapy, hydration, antibody administration, transfusions, and more — as outpatient care in our Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center (PACC). And in the Laura Rosenberg Procedure Suite, we can perform routine procedures, pain free. The PACC also has a special pharmacy and lab on site to speed up orders and test results.

Activities for Everyone

There’s also plenty to keep kids entertained during treatment. The Recreation Center boasts an abundance of toys, games, and activities for young children. And just a few floors up is The Lounge, a hub for teens and young adults with comfy couches, unlimited snacks, video games, crafts, and more. Child life specialists help kids get used to the hospital experience, teaching in creative, engaging ways for young people of all ages. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with other specialists, including teachers, music therapists, drama therapists, and more.

We’re here to help

You can contact us online or reach out by phone at 833-MSK-KIDS and we’ll help you set up an appointment.

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