This information describes the common uses of Glyconutrients, how it works, and its possible side effects.

How It Works

Glyconutrients have not been shown to treat cancer in humans.

Glyconutrients are a group of sugars extracted from plants and thought to be essential for the body by helping cell-to-cell communication. These products have been marketed to cancer patients under the brand name Ambrotose through networking marketing approach. While some of the constituents have been studied for their anticancer effects, there is no evidence that glyconutrient products are effective as cancer treatment in humans.

Mannatech and its founder have been charged by the Texas Attorney General for deceptive trade practices that exaggerated the products’ health benefits.

Purported Uses

  • Antitumor properties
    No scientific evidence supports this use.
  • Health maintenance
    There are no data to back this claim.
  • Immunostimulant
    There is no scientific evidence to support this use.
  • Increase brain activity
    One small company-sponsored trial showed that glyconutrients can increase brain wave activities. But the clinical effect is unclear.