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Imke Ehlers-Surur, PhD

Senior Licensing Manager

Imke Ehlers-Surur is a Senior Licensing Manager in MSK’s Office of Technology Development. She joined OTD in 2006 as a Licensing Manager.

Imke received her PhD degree in 2005 from the Sloan Kettering Institute /University of Ulm, in Germany, in cell biology/biochemistry (magna cum laude). She received her MS degree from Germany’s University of Oldenburg, with a major in biochemistry. Her educational background also includes professional studies in management, marketing, and finance at Baruch College. She has held research internships at Paris’s École Normale Supérieure and in the Research and Development Department of Beiersdorf, AG, Hamburg, in Germany.

Prior to joining the Office of Technology Development on a full-time basis, Imke served in the department as an intern, while continuing her work on the role of Kit receptor signaling as a postdoctoral fellow at the Sloan Kettering Institute in the laboratory of developmental biologist Peter Besmer.

Imke is a member of the Licensing Executives Society.