Guidelines for Vendors


MSK has updated its vendor and institutional guest policy, effective Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Please note, this does not include patients or patient visitors. Please review the Visitor Information Page for details about our inpatient, outpatient, and pediatric patient visitor policies.

Guidelines for Vendors and Contractors (Including Those With MSK-Issued ID Badges)

Effective Tuesday, October 11, 2022, all vendors and contractors — including those with MSK-issued ID badges — are required to follow the below guidelines. Please connect with your regular MSK contact before reporting to any MSK location.

MSK Policy: All vendors and contractors must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming onsite to any MSK facility.

  • It is the responsibility of the vendor company to facilitate, monitor, and maintain documentation around COVID-19 vaccine compliance for their staff and all individuals who visit any MSK facility as their contractor/subcontractor.
  • All individuals must complete the Vendor and Institutional Guest Registration Form and be prepared to provide email approval upon entering any MSK facility.
  • Individuals must also be prepared to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon entering any MSK facility, if requested.
  • For vendors registered through our Vendormate Credentialing System and/or have an MSK-issued ID badge, COVID-19 compliance includes documentation of a COVID-19 booster dose.
  • Individuals registered through Vendormate, with documented proof of COVID-19 vaccination (including booster dose), will be able to print their badge for visual verification (individuals must submit their documentation through portal).
  • MSK recognizes that exemptions may arise for medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs. It is the responsibility of the vendor to establish a process to review, validate, and document qualifying exemption requests for their staff, contractors, and subcontractors. However, it is the responsibility of the vendor to provide only fully vaccinated individuals to come onsite at MSK facilities.  

What You Need to Know Before Coming to MSK 

  • Any vendor or short-term contractor feeling sick must stay home. Please do NOT enter any MSK facility if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Our patients have weakened immune systems and we must take every precaution to protect them from infection, including COVID-19.
  • All individuals are required to comply with MSK’s current PPE and Social Distancing Guidelines, which will be shared with you by the MSK manager or director responsible for your visit. 
  • All individuals must wear medical-grade MSK-issued masks at all times at all MSK locations, regardless of vaccination status. These masks are available at all entrances of all of our locations.
  • If a supplier/contracted worker tests positive for COVID-19, MSK may use their name during the contract tracing process to ensure anyone with a potential or actual exposure has been notified for the purpose of assessing his/her actual risk. In addition, MSK’s contact tracing team will notify the supplier/contracted worker if they are exposed to COVID-19 while working on site at MSK.

Please reach out to your usual MSK contact if you have questions about meeting remotely, or any ongoing business you may have with them.