Recent MSK Discoveries & Advances


Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers are relentlessly exploring every aspect of cancer — from basic investigations of cells and molecules to clinical trials of new treatments and population-wide studies of the disease. While our core mission is to translate this knowledge into new strategies to control cancer, many of our investigators are also making scientific progress against other diseases and conditions.

Below are some examples of discoveries and advances that recently were made in our laboratories and clinics, and featured in our news stories.

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Postdocs Francisco “Pancho” Barriga and Kaloyan Tsanov in the lab
New MACHETE Technique Slices Into Cancer Genome To Study Copy Number Alterations
Learn why MSK researchers developed MACHETE, a new CRISPR-based technique to study large-scale genetic deletions efficiently in laboratory models.
Medical oncologist and male breast cancer expert Ayca Gucalp
What You Need To Know About Male Breast Cancer
MSK experts discuss risk factors, symptoms, and treatment for male breast cancer.
In the Clinic
New Jersey police officer Shad Giacomarro and family
Low-Dose Radiation a Possible 'Game Changer' for Treating HPV-Positive Throat Cancer
An MSK study has shown that HPV-related head and neck cancer can be treated with a sharply reduced radiation dose to prevent side effects.
MSK pathologist Natasha Rekhtman and physician-scientist Charles Rudin
MSK Scientists Identify Rare (Rb-Proficient) Subtype of Small Cell Lung Cancer
Unlike most small cell lung cancer tumors, these retain a normal copy of a protein called RB.
Side-by-side headshots of scientists Christopher Lima and Rhyan Puno
With Cryo-EM, SKI Scientists Determine Structure of Key Factor in RNA Quality Control
Called NEXT, the factor plays an important role in handing over RNA to the exosome for destruction.
MSK physician-scientist Vinod Balachandran.
MSK mRNA Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Results
Learn how MSK researchers are deploying mRNA vaccines against pancreatic cancer.
SKI immunologist Ming Li
SKI Scientists Identify Potential New ‘Soldier’ for Cancer Immunotherapy
The new cells, which the scientists have dubbed killer innate-like T cells, differ in several notable ways from the conventional target of many immunotherapies.
Charles Sawyers and Elizabeth Wasmuth
With CryoEM, MSK Researchers Obtain Exquisite View of the Androgen Receptor — A Key Protein in Prostate Cancer
The pictures provide new clues about how the androgen receptor interacts with cancer-causing proteins.
An illustration of a fish fin touching a human finger
Hands, Feet, and Fins: The Connection That Explains Acral Melanoma
Sloan Kettering Institute scientists are using zebrafish to understand human skin cancer that attacks the hands and feet.
Dirk Remus and Richard Hite
SKI Scientists Determine Structure of a DNA Damage 'First Responder'
The results of this collaborative project overturn some conventional wisdom about how the DNA repair process works.