MSK Aesthetics and Wellness Portfolio

MSK Aesthetics and Wellness Portfolio


MSK’s Aesthetics & Wellness Portfolio includes a number of significant technologies and products available for licensing. Learn more, below.


MSK’s Q Portfolio

The Q Portfolio sets the bar in Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measurement, with a series of questionnaires developed by Drs. Andrea Pusic, formerly of MSKCC, Anne Klassen, and Stefan Cano.

Q Portfolio questionnaires available for licensing include:


The BREAST-Q© is a rigorously developed patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure designed to evaluate outcomes among women undergoing different types of breast surgery. First published in 2009, an updated version of the BREAST-Q© was produced in 2017.

In 2020, the FDA awarded the BREAST-Q© an important distinction by approving/qualifying it for use in device evaluation.

The BREAST-Q© is designed to provide clinicians and researchers with the ability to tailor their own version of the questionnaire to suit their needs. Multiple scales are available including:

  • Augmentation Module: Satisfaction with Outcome
  • Augmentation Module: Psychosocial Well-Being
  • Reduction Module: Satisfaction with Outcome
  • Mastectomy Module: Satisfaction with Breasts
  • Reconstruction Module: Satisfaction with Breasts
  • Reconstruction Module: Satisfaction with Nipple Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction Module: Satisfaction with Implants
  • Breast Sensation Module: Abnormal Breast Sensation
  • Breast Sensation Module: Impact of Breast Sensation of Quality of Life

The FACE-Q©:

The FACE-Q© is a patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure that can be used to measure outcomes of aesthetic facial procedures and products from the patient’s perspective. The FACE-Q© can be used to measure outcomes that matter to patients having any type of surgical or minimally invasive facial aesthetic treatment.

The FACE-Q© measures facial appearance, health-related quality of life, and adverse effects with multiple scales and/or checklists. The FACE-Q© modular approach means that only the subset of scales most relevant to a specific research objective or clinical patient population need be administered. Scales include:

  • Appearance Module:  Satisfaction with facial appearance
  • Appearance Module: Satisfaction with lower face, jawline
  • Appearance Module: Appraisal of Neck
  • Appearance Module: Appraisal of lines: overall
  • Appearance Module: Appraisal of lines: nasolabial folds
  • Quality of Life Module: Aging appraisal
  • Quality of Life Module: Age visual analogue scale
  • Quality of Life Module: Psychological function
  • Quality of Life Module: Satisfaction with outcome
  • Quality of Life Module: Social function

The BODY-Q©:

The BODY-Q© is a rigorously developed patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure designed to evaluate outcomes for patients who are obese and undergo weight loss through diet, exercise, and/or bariatric surgery/medicine, and body contouring patients (following massive weight loss for cosmetic reasons).

The BODY-Q© also has a Chest Module that can be used to measure the appearance of the chest in gynaecomastia, massive weight loss, and gender affirming chest surgery. Scales available for inclusion in the BODY-Q© include:

  • Appearance Module: Satisfaction with Body
  • Quality of Life Module: Body Image
  • Quality of Life Module: Satisfaction with Outcome
  • Under Development: Appraisal of Cellulite

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For more information:

Licensing Contact for Q Portfolio:

Alexandra Buga, MS, MBA, Licensing Manager, Tel:  646-888-1078; email:  [email protected]


Novel Topical Formulation for Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema

Lymphedema, which causes chronic swelling, recurrent infections and decreased quality of life, is the most common long-term complication of cancer treatment. No curative treatment options exist, with current therapies limited to palliative measures.

MSK investigators are currently developing a proprietary topical formulation  for the treatment of lymphedema that is suitable for both long-term use and use on large surface areas of the body. The lead investigator is a pioneer in preclinical and clinical studies of lymphedema; his approach represents a paradigm shift in treatment this condition, which afflicts more than 6M patients in the U.S. alone,

This novel formulation is expected to enter clinical trials at MSK in 2020. For more information about this technology, see here.

Licensing Contact:

Imke Ehlers, PhD, Associate Director, Technology Development

Email: [email protected]

Cosmetic Mask with Enhanced Antioxidant Delivery

This invention enables a cosmetic mask to effectively deliver active substances to the skin, greatly improving the cosmetic benefits garnered from such products. Cosmetic masks currently on the market contain various antioxidants, such as Q10, resveratrol, green tea extract, and vitamins A, C, and E, to improve skin vibrancy.  These are ineffective, however, because active ingredients are dissolved in solvents long before the mask is applied to the skin, which greatly reduces their potency.

This packaging technology, available for licensing, keeps active substances in powder form, separate from solvents, prior to use of the mask, thus preserving stability and activity levels. Just before use, consumers apply force to a plastic pouch, thereby rupturing it and enabling the solvent to mix with powdered active substances. Users then unseal the package and apply the cosmetic mask to skin, while antioxidants and other substances still retain their efficacy. See here for more information.

Licensing Contact:

Alexandra Buga, MS, MBA, Licensing Manager, Tel: 646-888-1078, email: [email protected].