SK-MEL-37 - Human Melanoma Cell Line from Lymph Node

SK-MEL-37 - Human Melanoma Cell Line from Lymph Node


Species: Human

Category: Cancer

Tissue of Origin: Rectal Tumor

Cancer Type: Melanoma


SK-MEL-37 is a human melanoma cell line.


This cell line was established from a metastatic lymph node in a 65-year-old male with malignant melanoma.

Lead Researcher/Research Laboratory

  • Lloyd J. Old, MD, former William E. Snee Chair in Cancer Immunology, MSK; former Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research


PubMed=978138; DOI=10.1084/jem.144.4.873 Shiku H., Takahashi T., Oettgen H.F., Old L.J.
Cell surface antigens of human malignant melanoma. II. Serological typing with immune adherence assays and definition of two new surface antigens. J. Exp. Med. 144:873-881(1976)

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