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Scientists Jan Remsik, Adrienne Boire, and Jessica Wilcox in the lab
MSK Researchers Learn What’s Driving ‘Brain Fog’ in People with COVID-19
The presence of inflammatory molecules in the cerebrospinal fluid appears to be causing many of the neurologic effects seen in people with COVID-19.
In the Lab
Adrienne Boire
Iron Fiends: Cancer Cells in Brain and Spinal Fluid Survive by Monopolizing a Nutrient
Researchers gain insight into leptomeningeal metastasis, a devastating complication of advanced cancer.
In the Lab
Adrienne Boire at the lab bench
Inspired by a Patient, a Doctor Finds Answers for a Devastating Cancer Complication
Research is providing new clues about how cancer spreads to spinal fluid, a condition called leptomeningeal metastasis.