Britta Weigelt: Featured News

Investigators Lea Moukarzel, Kimberly Dessources, Britta Weigelt, and Sarah Kim in the lab.
Unique Genetic Change Found in Rare Ovarian Tumor Could Spare Patients from Unnecessary Treatment
The research focused on sclerosing stromal tumor, a rare, benign ovarian tumor that is not cancer but can be misdiagnosed as cancer.
In the Lab
Black-and-white microscopic image of cell from human granular cell tumor
A Study of Rare Tumors Uncovers the Presence of Tumor-Suppressing Genes
Studying the genes of granular cell tumors has revealed a previously unknown process through which cells can turn cancerous.
In the Clinic
Man and woman in white lab coats looking at test tubes
Single-Cell Analysis Enables Researchers to Understand the Differences within Tumors
Scientists are decoding the genetic changes that drive individual cancer cells. This may help them develop more-effective targeted therapies.
In the Lab
Pathology slide showing DCIS and invasive cancer
Forensic Techniques Enable Study of Individual Breast Cancer Cells from MSK’s Archives
Analysis of long-preserved single cells on pathology slides aims to provide new clues about the genes that make breast cancer more aggressive.