The Britta  Weigelt Lab

Gynecology DMT Research Laboratory

Our laboratory focuses on the use of high-throughput genomics and functional genomics to identify drivers of rare gynecologic cancer types, and to define the clinical and biological significance of intra-tumor phenotypic and genetic heterogeneity in these tumors. Dr. Weigelt’s laboratory is devising strategies to overcome the challenges posed by intra-tumor genetic heterogeneity, based on state-of-the-art sequencing analyses of circulating cell free (cf)DNA and of single cells. By bringing together traditional pathological techniques with genetic analyses and functional studies, the Weigelt lab seeks to refine the classification of gynecologic cancers and identify novel drivers and potential therapeutic targets of specific tumor types. In addition, Dr. Weigelt is investigating if cfDNA analysis (so-called “liquid biopsies”) can accurately monitor the disease course of women with endometrial or cervical cancer, and if resistance mechanisms to platinum salts or PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer patients can be identified in cfDNA.

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Britta  Weigelt, PhD

Britta Weigelt, PhD

Director, Gynecology DMT Research Laboratory

Research Focus

Molecular geneticist Britta Weigelt studies the genomics of gynecologic cancers and the use of circulating cell-free DNA for disease monitoring and the identification of therapy resistance mechanisms.

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