• We are relocating temporarily on July 21st 2022 to 327 East 64th Street, 4th floor until the construction of our larger Lab is finalized in MC, Schwartz S10 (~ February 2023). Email us as usual, and we will update you with the new phone numbers.
  • Attention Clinical Research Teams! To stay in touch regarding potential or incoming participants’ samples collected under the IRB protocols listed below, we will be sending you an email with further contact details (office + Lab). During the transition, we will check for mail/packages in both locations. Studies with active accrual and biospecimens collection:
    • #10-079 (‘TLC’)  
    • #02-102 (‘PAN’)  
    • #20-124 (‘ENHANCE’)  
    • #19-390 (‘Glioma tissue’)  
    • #17-007 (‘InterMEL’)  
    •  #17-500 (‘CASTL’)  
    • #18-240 (‘Leverage’)