Klajdi Rrasa, Senior Research Technician

Klajdi Rrasa joined our department and Irene Orlow’s Lab as a Senior Research Technician, in May 2022. He obtained a master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Tirana, Albania, in 2017, and his experience includes the manipulation of DNA/RNA obtained from viruses and viroid particles.

Klajdi will participate in the Genes, Environment, and Melanoma (GEM) study. The current project is designed to help distinguish -at diagnosis- melanomas with a greater potential of being lethal from those that are very unlikely to lead the patient to recurrence and/or death. Klajdi’s contribution will include the evaluation of inherited genetic factors that may modulate the risk for developing melanoma with poor prognosis. He will also contribute to other ongoing studies, including the MSK Pancreatic Tumor Registry by managing biospecimens and associated data.

Gbemisola (Liz) Ilelaboye, Senior Research Technician

Gbemisola “Liz” Ilelaboye joins Irene Orlow’s lab as a senior research technician. She recently graduated with a master’s degree from Seton Hall University and is currently finishing her thesis which focuses on Drosophila melanogaster as a model for ethanol toxicity. Before joining Epi/Bio, she worked as a clinical lab technician in Genesis Laboratory and at Seton Hall University as a teaching assistant, where she taught general biology lab and genetics lab to undergraduates. In her new position, Liz will contribute to collaborative multidisciplinary research including a study designed to evaluate the effect of inherited genetics and exposure to nicotine in vulnerable breast cancer patients experiencing cognitive changes post-treatment. She will also participate in interMEL, a large pathoepidemiologic study of melanoma survival that utilizes multi-omic platforms.


  • Members of the Orlow Lab have been setting up a new assay to determine antibodies using a bead-based multiplex platform.
  • This summer, we will be relocating to 327 East 64th Street until the construction of our larger Lab is finalized. We hope to move in to our new and improved Lab at Main Campus by February 2023. Additional information will be posted here once we confirm the moving date. **Clinical research teams with active accrual will be contacted directly to discuss specific SOPs, and when/ where samples will need to be dropped off, and shipments received.**