Presentations - by the research technicians, research assistants, students, and fellows (selected)

Emily Ali, Isidora Autuori, Li Luo, Jessica Kenney, Gbemisola E. Ilelaboye, Marianne Berwick, Nancy Thomas, and Irene Orlow for the GEM Study Group. Evaluation of Chemokine (CK) and CK-Receptor Variants as Modifiers of Risk for Developing Multiple Cutaneous Melanoma. Flash Science Presentation (by invitation) presented at the New York City Epidemiology Forum (NYCEF) 2022 conference, on Monday May 23, 2022.

Keimya S, Jessica K, and Orlow I. InterMEL Core 2: Pathology & Biospecimens Updates. InterMEL Spring Study Meeting (remotely), April 2021. PDF

Autuori I, and Dr. Irene Orlow. Identification of host characteristics associated with lethal melanoma in GEM: genotyping strategy and initial results. Genes, Environment, and Melanoma Working Group Meeting, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (remotely), March 2021.

Autuori I (co-presented remotely) and Dr. Irene Orlow. Development of nevi & melanoma: an ongoing gene-environment study of the Interferon Regulatory Factor-4 (IRF4) – Epidemiology Service Meeting, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (remotely), March 2020.

Isidora Autuori: Methodological aspects of the study ‘A minimally-invasive collection technique for the assessment of molecular signatures in cutaneous melanocytic lesions: a pilot study’. Epidemiology Service Meeting, Febr 2019. PDF

Jessica Kenney: Methodological aspects of the study ‘Integration of Clinical & Molecular Biomarkers for Melanoma Survival’. Epidemiology Service Meeting, Febr 2019. PDF

Keimya Sadeghi & Isidora Autuori: Methodological aspects of the pilot study ‘BDNF in relation to treatment of insomnia and cognitive impairment’. Epidemiology Service Meeting, Febr 2019.

Sergio Corrales, Molly Crowe, SiokLeong, Caitlin Carr, Vikram Mavinkurve, Katrazyna McNeal, Tim Ahles, and Dr. Irene Orlow: Effect of APOE polymorphisms, smoking status, and chemotherapy on cognition in breast cancer survivors. Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. PDF

Sergio Corrales-Guerrero; Keimya Sadeghi; Siok Leong; Klaus Busam; Meg Gerstenblith; Cheryl Thompson; Ivan Gorlov; Eva Hernando; Li Luo; Christopher Amos; Ronglai Shen; Colin Begg; Nancy Thomas; Marianne Berwick; and Dr. Irene Orlow: Histology-guided co-extraction of nucleic acids from archived tissues with limited tumor content: implementation in integrative epidemiologic studies. InterMEL. PDF

Nicket Dedhia, Andrew Tsao, Dr. Irene Orlow & Marjorie Zauderer: Evaluating the Association between BMI, Chemotherapy Toxicity, and Sarcopenia in Lung Cancer Patients. PDF

Timothy Genovese, Dr. Irene Orlow, and Jun Mao: Precision Medicine in Supportive Oncology: Identifying Candidate Genetic Variants. PDF

Siok Leong, Anne Reiner, Xiaolin Liang, Elizabeth Comen, Jonine Bernstein, Jennifer Brooks, Dr. Irene Orlow and the WECARE Study Collaborative Group: CYP2D6 genotype and the association between tamoxifen treatment and risk of contralateral breast cancer in the WECARE StudyPDF

Vikram Mavinkurve, Molly Crowe, Siok Leong, Sergio Corrales Guerrero, Katrazyna McNeal, Caitlin Carr, Heidi Tan, Richard Yang, Yuelin Li, Arti Hurria, Tim Ahles, and Dr. Irene Orlow: Investigation of multi-systemic biomarkers and cognitive decline among long-term breast cancer survivorsPDF

Katrazyna McNeal, Caitlin Carr, Sergio Corrales-Guerrero, Siok Leong, Robin Fatovic, Matthew Fishman, Keimya Sadeghi, Elizabeth Ryan, James Root, Caraline Demirjian, Stephanie Napolitano, Dr. Irene Orlow, Arti Hurria, & Tim Ahles: Inflammatory Marker Levels and Performance on Cognitive Tests in Breast Cancer Survivors and Healthy ControlsPDF

Keimya Sadeghi, Jessica Kenney, Kelli O’Connell, Isidora Autuori, & Irene Orlow: Identifying QA/QC Parameters Affecting Success in Downstream Applications for DNA Extracted from FFPEPDF