Past Fellows


Past Shulamit Katzman Endowed Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Kaloyan Tsanov
Mentor: Scott Lowe

Project: Organ-specific Effects of Smad4 in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

Josef Leibold
Mentor: Scott Lowe

Project: Dissecting mechanisms of immune surveillance and evasion during metastatic spread using non-germline mouse models of gastric cancer

Karuna Ganesh
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Investigating and targeting L1CAM in metastatic cancer stem cells

Ekrem Er
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: The role of L1CAM-driven vascular co-option in metastasis

Past Alan and Sandra Gerry Postdoctoral Research Fellows


Joseph Chan
Mentor: Dana Pe’er

Project: Integrative Single-Cell Sequencing in Lung Cancer Patients with Combined Neuroendocrine Histology to Identify Molecular Drivers and Targets of Small Cell Transformation

Past GMTEC’s Metastasis Scholars Fellows


Patricia M. R. Pereira
Mentor: Jason Lewis

Project: Synergy between HER2-targeted immunotherapy and CAV1 modulation in HER2-driven metastatic gastric cancer


Yudan Chi
Mentor: Adrienne Boire

Project: Microenvironmental effects on cancer cells in Leptomeningeal Metastasis


Deepti Mathur
Mentor: Joao Xavier

Project: The influence of the metabolic microenvironment on metastatic tropism: quantitative experiments and mathematical models.

Ting-Hsiang Huang
Mentor: Richard White

Project: Investigate the relationship between fatty acids and melanoma progression through epigenetic reprogramming


Francisco Barriga
Mentor: Scott Lowe

Project: Dissecting the role of large genomic deletions in colorectal cancer metastasis.

Zhenghan Wang
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Understanding the role of TGF- signaling in metastatic latency.

Pierre-Louis Loyher
Mentor: Frederic Geissmann

Project: Role of resident macrophages in lung metastasis development.

Alexandre Francou
Mentor: Kathryn Anderson

Project: Regulation and quantitative dynamic analysis of EMT in vivo.

Efstathios Stamatiades
Mentor: Ming Li

Project: Immunosurveillance of Early Disseminated Tumor Cells by Innate Lymphoid Cells and Innate-like T Cells.


Tzu‐Pei Chang
Mentor: Kitai Kim

Project: Inhibition of tumorigenesis and metastasis by NEPN

Jing Hu
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Dissecting the roles of STING signaling pathway in cancer metastasis

Contantinos Zambirinis
Mentor: William Jarnagin

Project: Development of novel imaging and laboratory biomarkers to monitor the liver pre‐metastatic niche and guide treatment


Intissar Akalay
Mentor: Filippo Giancotti

Project: Targeting non-canonical discoidin domain receptor signaling for metastasis therapy

Wytse Bruinsma
Mentor: John Petrini

Project: The tumor suppressive barrier in response to oncogenes: MRNcomplex dependent genome rearrangements to prevent tumorigenesis and metastasis

Ashley M. Laughney
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Uncovering Transcriptional Vulnerabilities in Latent Metastasis

Kajan Ratnakumar
Mentor: Richard White

Project: Understanding the roles of pigmentation in melanoma metastasis

Francisco Sanchez Vega
Mentor: Nikolaus Schultz

Project: Comprehensive genomic characterization of the tissue-pecific characteristics of metastasis in the MSK-IMPACT cohort

Yosef Shamay
Mentor: Glenn Heller

Project: Radiation-guided drug delivery to metastases via a novel abscopal-like effect


Ekrem Er
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: The role of L1CAM-driven vascular co-option in metastasis

Wenjing Su
Mentor: Filippo Giancotti

Project: Identification of pro-metastatic genes involved in bone metastasis of prostate cancer

Lisa K. Sevenich
Mentor: Johanna Joyce

Project: Therapeutic targeting of tumor-associated macrophages/microglia in breast-to-brain metastasis