Past Fellows

Past Fellows


Past Shulamit Katzman Endowed Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Kaloyan Tsanov
Mentor: Scott Lowe

Project: Organ-specific Effects of Smad4 in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

Josef Leibold
Mentor: Scott Lowe

Project: Dissecting mechanisms of immune surveillance and evasion during metastatic spread using non-germline mouse models of gastric cancer

Karuna Ganesh
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Investigating and targeting L1CAM in metastatic cancer stem cells

Ekrem Er
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: The role of L1CAM-driven vascular co-option in metastasis

Past Alan and Sandra Gerry Postdoctoral Research Fellows


Joseph Chan
Mentor: Dana Pe’er

Project: Integrative Single-Cell Sequencing in Lung Cancer Patients with Combined Neuroendocrine Histology to Identify Molecular Drivers and Targets of Small Cell Transformation


Arianna Baggiolini
Mentor: Lorenz Studer

Project: Melanoma brain metastases and modeling using human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC)-derived brain organoids

The use of brain organoids derived from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) is a rapidly evolving field. Those models are still a great simplification of the complexity of the human brain, but the whole field is committed to generating more relevant models for human disorders, including cancer. We have now developed a hPSCs-based brain organoid system with increased neural progenitor heterogeneity, resulting in greater cellular architecture and boosted neuronal physiology. We will now use those models to study the human brain microenvironment of brain tumors and metastases.

Past GMTEC’s Metastasis Scholars Fellows


Patricia M. R. Pereira
Mentor: Jason Lewis

Project: Synergy between HER2-targeted immunotherapy and CAV1 modulation in HER2-driven metastatic gastric cancer


Yudan Chi
Mentor: Adrienne Boire

Project: Microenvironmental effects on cancer cells in Leptomeningeal Metastasis


Deepti Mathur
Mentor: Joao Xavier

Project: The influence of the metabolic microenvironment on metastatic tropism: quantitative experiments and mathematical models.

Ting-Hsiang Huang
Mentor: Richard White

Project: Investigate the relationship between fatty acids and melanoma progression through epigenetic reprogramming


Francisco Barriga
Mentor: Scott Lowe

Project: Dissecting the role of large genomic deletions in colorectal cancer metastasis.

Zhenghan Wang
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Understanding the role of TGF- signaling in metastatic latency.

Pierre-Louis Loyher
Mentor: Frederic Geissmann

Project: Role of resident macrophages in lung metastasis development.

Alexandre Francou
Mentor: Kathryn Anderson

Project: Regulation and quantitative dynamic analysis of EMT in vivo.

Efstathios Stamatiades
Mentor: Ming Li

Project: Immunosurveillance of Early Disseminated Tumor Cells by Innate Lymphoid Cells and Innate-like T Cells.


Tzu‐Pei Chang
Mentor: Kitai Kim

Project: Inhibition of tumorigenesis and metastasis by NEPN

Jing Hu
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Dissecting the roles of STING signaling pathway in cancer metastasis

Contantinos Zambirinis
Mentor: William Jarnagin

Project: Development of novel imaging and laboratory biomarkers to monitor the liver pre‐metastatic niche and guide treatment


Intissar Akalay
Mentor: Filippo Giancotti

Project: Targeting non-canonical discoidin domain receptor signaling for metastasis therapy

Wytse Bruinsma
Mentor: John Petrini

Project: The tumor suppressive barrier in response to oncogenes: MRNcomplex dependent genome rearrangements to prevent tumorigenesis and metastasis

Ashley M. Laughney
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: Uncovering Transcriptional Vulnerabilities in Latent Metastasis

Kajan Ratnakumar
Mentor: Richard White

Project: Understanding the roles of pigmentation in melanoma metastasis

Francisco Sanchez Vega
Mentor: Nikolaus Schultz

Project: Comprehensive genomic characterization of the tissue-pecific characteristics of metastasis in the MSK-IMPACT cohort

Yosef Shamay
Mentor: Glenn Heller

Project: Radiation-guided drug delivery to metastases via a novel abscopal-like effect


Ekrem Er
Mentor: Joan Massagué

Project: The role of L1CAM-driven vascular co-option in metastasis

Wenjing Su
Mentor: Filippo Giancotti

Project: Identification of pro-metastatic genes involved in bone metastasis of prostate cancer

Lisa K. Sevenich
Mentor: Johanna Joyce

Project: Therapeutic targeting of tumor-associated macrophages/microglia in breast-to-brain metastasis