Single-Cell Analytics Innovation Lab (SAIL)


The Single-Cell Analytics Innovation Lab (SAIL) is a leading platform for cutting-edge molecular profiling and data analysis, serving the broader Memorial Sloan Kettering community. SAIL is led by Dana Pe’er, Chair of the Computational and Systems Biology Program in the Sloan Kettering Institute, and Ronan Chaligné. Dr. Pe’er pioneered a number of foundational analytical concepts and algorithms in the single-cell field. Dr. Chaligné is an expert in single-cell technologies and their application to biological questions, and has developed methods to profile multiple data types from the same cell.

Since its inception within the Alan and Sandra Gerry Metastasis and Tumor Ecosystems Center (GMTEC) in 2017, SAIL has grown to serve more than 50 laboratories spanning basic and translational research. Our mission is to assimilate emerging technologies in the rapidly advancing fields of single-cell sequencing and imaging-based profiling, in addition to providing robust analytical solutions. SAIL hosts a dedicated computational team that benchmarks new tools and generates pipelines to support an expanding set of technologies and data modalities.

Building on MSK’s Substantial Resources

MSK has incomparable resources: unparalleled clinical volume and access to human samples from both the clinic and research autopsies; preeminent clinical expertise; a wealth of experimental tools, including mouse and organoid models; and computational leadership. SAIL technologies have been applied to a spectrum of the most pressing basic and translational research questions at MSK, including the study of basic developmental processes, metastasis, immunotherapy, and wound healing.

The SAIL team is continually innovating new protocols to access extremely challenging clinical tissues, and is involved in basic technological development, such as the implementation of multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI) for highly multiplexed protein analysis. We also participate in high-profile projects, such as the study of lung and pancreatic cancer metastasis as part of the Human Tumor Atlas Network of the National Cancer Institute.