This information explains surgery locations at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK).

Your surgery will be done at either MSK’s Memorial Hospital or the Josie Robertson Surgery Center (JRSC). Your surgery location depends on the type of surgery you’ll be having, how long we expect it will take for you to recover, as well as some other factors.

We will contact you 7 days before your surgery to let you know where you’ll be having it (see “MyMSK” section below). 

Surgeries at Memorial Hospital

All types of surgeries are done at Memorial Hospital. You’ll have your surgery at the hospital if we expect you’ll need to stay with us for a few days to recover or based on your surgeon’s schedule. Memorial Hospital is located at 1275 York Avenue between East 67th and East 68th Streets.

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Surgeries at JRSC

The JRSC is a separate, brand-new facility where our surgeons perform certain outpatient surgeries. The JRSC is designed to get people back home as quickly as possible after surgery. The same expert surgeons that work at Memorial Hospital also work at the JRSC, and you’ll receive the same MSK care. JRSC is located at 1133 York Avenue, between East 61st and East 62nd Streets.

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We will send you information about your surgery location through your patient portal account, MyMSK. You can use MyMSK to send and receive messages from your healthcare team, find your medical and appointment information, and more. If you don’t already have a MyMSK account, you can sign up by going to

  • To sign up for a MyMSK account, you will need your enrollment ID. You can find this on your printed appointment reminder. If you don’t have one, call your doctor’s office or contact the Patient Portal Help Desk at, or 800-248-0593.
  • You will also need your 8 digit medical record number. You can find it on an official MSK document, such as an appointment reminder or bill, usually at the top right hand corner. If you don’t have one of these documents, call your doctor’s office.
  • For more information about signing up for a MyMSK account, watch our video How to Enroll in the Patient Portal: MyMSK at
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