Acupuncture for the Cancer Patient

This 17-hour online program prepares licensed acupuncturists to safely care for cancer patients experiencing treatment symptoms and side effects. Participants will learn how cancer is detected, treated, and managed, and will receive specifics on the management of lymphoma and leukemia as well as cancer of the breast, colon and rectum, lung, prostate, and other parts of the body. The course explains current research into using acupuncture as a pain- and symptom-management method and describes how acupuncturists can work in the hospital setting and which needling techniques are optimal.

Acupuncturists complete this course with the knowledge and skills to:

  • define cancer and the common surgical and therapeutic interventions used to treat it
  • identify common physical and emotional side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • understand the overall role of acupuncture in cancer patient pain management
  • develop appropriate, safe, and effective treatment plans for cancer patients
  • perform optimal acupuncture techniques for cancer patients
  • assess patients and their chart information
  • practice acupuncture as part of a medical team in a hospital setting

Continuing Education Credit

18 NCCAOM CEU points; 18 CE Hours, California Acupuncture Board

Target Audience

This course is open to licensed or certified acupuncturists.



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