Patient Satisfaction


We conduct patient satisfaction surveys on a continual basis so that we know patients’ opinions about our care. These surveys help us understand how patients feel about their experiences here and identify issues we may need to address. The charts below show some of the measures from our most recent survey.

Survey of Inpatients by Comparison with Peer Institutions*

Since Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is a teaching hospital, with its main campus located in New York City, we compare our ratings with a group of New York-area hospitals that also offer cancer treatment services. This is called “Peer Group” in the data noted below, and is available only for inpatient ratings.

Patients rate many aspects of their experience on a scale of Very Poor to Very Good. The ratings are combined and averaged, and appear as numbers.

Very Good = 100
Good = 75
Fair = 50
Poor = 25
Very Poor = 0

*Fourth Quarter of 2019

Hospital Overview


  MSK Peer Groups
Overall Hospital Rating 90 87
Likelihood of Recommending the Hospital 96 90
Staff Worked Together to Care for Patient 94 91

Professional Services

  MSK Peer Groups
Overall Rating of Care Given 96 91
Skills of Physician 96 93
Friendliness/Courtesy of Your Physician 94 91
Skill of Nurses 96 94
Nurse’s Attention Paid to Your Special Personal Needs 93 90

Patient Care/Responsiveness (Inpatients)

  MSK Peer Groups
How Well Your Pain Was Controlled 90 88
How Well Staff Addressed Your Emotional Needs 89 87
Response to Concerns and Complaints Made during Your Stay 89 86

Survey of Outpatients by Comparison with Peer Institutions

We are now reporting the results of the Oncology-specific Outpatient Survey. The “Peer Group” for this Outpatient Survey is 14 Cancer Centers and Hospitals that offer cancer treatment, and includes members of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Consortium for Quality Improvement. The scales used are the same as those used for the Inpatient Survey.

*Fourth Quarter of 2019

Outpatient Services Overview

  MSK Peer Group
Likelihood of Recommending Our Services 96 96
Overall Rating of Care Given 96 96
Degree to which Your Care was Coordinated among Doctors and Other Caregivers 94 93

Patient Care/Sensitivity (Outpatients)

  MSK Peer Group
Effort to Include You in Decisions about Your Treatment 93 93
Degree to which Staff Addressed Your Emotional Needs 91 92
Staff Sensitivity to Personal Difficulties and Inconveniences Your Condition and Treatment Can Cause 91 92