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Critical Care Medicine Sub-Internship (Course Code: CC-101)

Elective Course Description

This elective provides a unique educational experience focusing on developing the knowledge and skills to care for acutely ill patients with cancer. Each student will function at the subintern level under direct supervision of a fellow specializing in Critical Care Medicine. Basic skills of managing respiratory failure, acid-base imbalance, renal and hepatic failure, coagulation defects and hemodynamic abnormalities will be acquired. 

Learning Objectives 

Obtain a complete and reliable history in a patient who is admitted to the ICU.
Perform a focused and reliable examination of patients with oncologic emergencies and information.
Organize and deliver a clean, concise and thorough oral presentation of a critically ill patient’s history, examination and major clinical problems.

For the program calendar, please see the elective module dates section of our website.