Pulmonary Medicine (M-240)

Pulmonary Medicine (M-240)



Students join MSK’s Pulmonary Consultation Team. This elective consists of daily inpatient rounding, participation in weekly conferences that include work and teaching rounds twice weekly with the pulmonary chief, pulmonary board review questions, journal club, case conferences, and core curriculum. Full time attendings lead the consultation team along with six full time pulmonary fellows, and two interventional pulmonary fellows. The students will have extensive exposure to the pulmonary complications of malignancies and their treatment as well as the pulmonary complications of the immunocompromised host. 

Learning Objectives 

  1. Be able to take a complete and focused Pulmonary history 
  2. Perform a focused and reliable Pulmonary exam
  3. Generate a complete differential diagnosis of Pulmonary disease in the immunocompromised host and cancer patients

Suggested Literature

  1. Harris, BH, Lowy FD, Stover DE, Arcasoy SM: Diagnostic bronchoscopy in solid organ and HSCT.  Ann Am Thorac Soc Feb 2013; 10 (1):39-49.
  2. Detterbeck FC, Boffa DJ, Kim AW, Tanoue LT: The Eighth Edition Lung Cancer Stage Classification.  Chest 2017; 151(1):193-203.
  3. Kalil AC et al: Management of Adults with hospital acquired and ventilator associated pneumonia: 2016 clinical practice guidelines by IDSA/ATS.  Clin Inf Dis 2016

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