Lung Health in the Time of COVID-19

VIDEO | 58:30

Information Session: Lung Cancer and Lung Health

On July 9, 2020, a panel of MSK experts addressed your most pressing concerns and answered your questions about lung cancer, screening, and general lung health.
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A team of experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering shared their insights on lung cancer, screening and general lung health in an Information Session for patients, caregivers and those at increased risk for the disease.  

Members of the MSK community joined the session to have their most pressing questions answered. Topics ranged from what makes someone’s lungs vulnerable to COVID-19, to the latest treatment advances for lung cancer, to how to help a loved one quit smoking. The panel was moderated by David Jones, MD, Chief of the Thoracic Surgery Service at MSK.  It featured experts specializing in Surgery, Nursing, Medical Oncology, Tobacco Treatment and Infectious Disease.

“With all of the clinical trials that we have ongoing at MSK we’re not just satisfied with those improvements, we really are seeking for what’s the next step, how can we move the needle even further,” shared panelist Helena Yu, MD, a medical oncologist specializing in lung cancer at MSK.  “It’s a really exciting time to be caring for patients with lung cancer and if someone’s unfortunate enough to develop lung cancer, I think we have more treatments than ever to try to help them during their journey.”

MSK plans to continue these Patient Information Sessions on a regular basis to help address concerns from our larger community on a variety of cancer-related issues.  Information on upcoming sessions and a recording of previous sessions can be heard on our website here.