Resources for Teachers & Parents


Explore these online education resources for teachers and parents of children and young adults with cancer.

  1. American Cancer Society – Returning to School This website provides information about returning to school after treatment.
  2. American Childhood Cancer Organization – Education This website provides information and resources for parents and teachers about education for children with cancer. It also includes a form for ordering a free book about educating a child who has cancer.
  3. ASCO – Cancer and School This website provides information about keeping up with school, communicating with educators, and dealing with other issues that may arise involving education during and after treatment.
  4. ASCO Expert Corner: Returning to School After Cancer This article describes step-by-step information for school re-entry following treatment.
  5. Children’s Oncology Group – Educational Issues Following Treatment for Childhood Cancer This pdf file addresses a number of concerns commonly raised by parents and educators following treatment.
  6. Livestrong Foundation – Returning to School This website provides resources and guides for school re-entry after treatment.