What to Bring

What to Bring

During treatment, your child may find comfort in bringing familiar items from home.

During treatment, your child may find comfort in bringing familiar items from home.

Prior to the first appointment at MSK Kids, your Memorial Sloan Kettering physician’s office will tell you which test results and reports to bring with you or to have sent from your local medical facility. You may need to sign a release form to obtain these items from your home hospital or doctor’s office.

For the first appointment, please bring:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate (or passport) and your child’s Social Security number
  • Your child’s complete immunization history
  • A list of prescription medications (including dosages) your child is taking
  • Health insurance information for your child

If you have any questions or concerns about insurance coverage or authorizations, your Memorial Sloan Kettering physician’s office can arrange for you to speak with an insurance counselor prior to your arrival. Find more information about insurance and billing.

For outpatient treatment days or inpatient stays, please bring:

  • Your child’s favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or another item of comfort from home
  • Laptop/tablet computer, MP3 player, handheld video games, or other activities
  • Mobile phone and chargers for personal phones or laptops – landline phone service is available, but may require a charge

We provide wireless Internet throughout the Pediatric Day Hospital and inpatient unit. In addition, each treatment bed and inpatient room has a private TV and DVD player available for your use. You can choose to borrow from our large selection of DVDs or bring your own.

Our Recreation Centers are also home to a variety of games and activities such as art projects, video games, puzzles, and toys. Throughout the week, we host a number of recreational programs and special events such as yoga, dance and music group, teen group, and celebrations of holidays and birthdays. Your child can participate in all of these activities and programs in the Recreation Centers or at the bedside.

Our Food and Nutrition Services provides meals for patients and caregivers. Lunch is available for patients and family members receiving extended treatment in the Pediatric Day Hospital. Room service is provided throughout the day for patients and caregivers staying on the inpatient unit with special menus for young children and/or dietary restrictions. Room service associates and dietitians are always available to help accommodate any special needs or orders.

You can enjoy a variety of snack foods and beverages in our family pantries at no cost. Additional food is available in our cafeteria or vending machines for purchase. Each pantry contains a microwave and refrigerator for food items brought from home (kosher and non-kosher).

For inpatient stays, please bring these extra items:

  • Toiletries – We have separate bathrooms with showers available for caregivers on the unit.
  • Pajamas – Patients can wear their own clothing or pajamas and are not required to wear hospital gowns.
  • Laundry detergent – We provide laundry facilities on the floor, but please bring and use your own detergents.

We provide linens for our patients and caregivers throughout the hospital stay.

Please note:

For the health of our patients, our environment is latex-free. Please do not bring or accept gifts of latex balloons. In addition, floral arrangements are prohibited in some rooms.