Nikolaus Schultz Lab

Nikolaus Schultz leads the development of the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, a popular resource for the visualization and analysis of large-scale cancer genomics data sets. His research focuses on identifying the genomic alterations that underlie different types of cancer. He is involved in several projects of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and is an investigator in the Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) Prostate Cancer Dream Team.

Dr. Schultz is an Associate Attending Computational Oncologist in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and an affiliate member of the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program. He is the Head of Knowledge Systems in the Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Center for Molecular Oncology.

Nikolaus Schultz

Nikolaus Schultz, PhD

Head of Knowledge Systems, Marie-Josée & Henry R. Kravis Center for Molecular Oncology

Research Focus

Cancer biologist Nikolaus Schultz uses computational tools to study the diversity of genomic alterations underlying different cancer types.

Lab Members

Selected Achievements
  • Geoffrey Beene Junior Faculty Chair (2019)
  • Stupski Prize in Prostate Cancer Computational Oncology (2015)
  • Young Investigator Award, Prostate Cancer Foundation (2014)
  • Josie Robertson Investigator Award, Robertson Foundation (2013)