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colorful picture of cancer cells
The Mystery of Metastasis: Can a Tumor’s Genetic Mutations Predict Whether and Where Cancer Will Spread?
Data from 25,000 patients is helping scientists answer this and many other important questions.
Jianjiong Gao, Hongxin Zhang, Nikolaus Schultz, Debyani Chakravarty, and Sarah Suehnholz stand together on a terrace
A Milestone for Precision Oncology: FDA Gives Green Light to MSK’s Genetic Database
OncoKB, a database developed and maintained by investigators at MSK, helps match patients with targeted therapies based on the mutations found in their tumors.
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Illustration of DNA base pairs
What Was MSK’s Role in TCGA, the Groundbreaking Cancer Genomic Study?
The multicenter project, which yielded dozens of scientific papers on more than 30 different kinds of cancer, has officially drawn to a close.
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Pictured: Cancer cell lines
Do Cancer Cell Lines Really Resemble Tumors? Now Researchers Can Tell
A recent study found that the cell lines most commonly used for research on ovarian cancer are not the most suitable.