Research Funding and Project Administration


The Research and Technology Management division is responsible for a range of activities related to research funding and project administration, including the management of institutional and external research funds and funding proposals.

  • Application and Proposal Development

    Grants Management Specialists and support staff in the Grants and Contracts unit assist with pre-award processes to help researchers garner external funds for research and scholarship pursuits.

  • Funding Development

    The Grants and Contracts unit of the Office of Research and Projects Administration is focused on identifying funding opportunities tailored to the needs of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s research community.

  • Contract Negotiation

    The Grants and Contracts unit manages government, non-government, and other non-industry sponsored research agreements and contracts to ensure that they are consistent with Memorial Sloan Kettering business practices and applicable sponsor regulations.

  • Financial Management and Reporting

    The Research Fund Management and Research Financial Planning units of the Office of Research and Projects Administration provide customer service and support to the research community for post-award activities related to grants, contracts, and other types of sponsored projects.