The RTM IT unit creates and manages a number of electronic systems, reports, and analytic tools that support the Research and Technology Management (RTM) Division and the research community at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

More specifically, RTM IT is responsible for:

  • directing and coordinating RTM’s strategic planning for the acquisition and deployment of information system resources that support divisional goals and objectives
  • providing technical assistance to RTM departments in purchasing, installing, and maintaining hardware and software that is shared by RTM and the research community
  • implementing and managing the development and maintenance of software applications and databases, reporting and analytic tools, and the IT infrastructure that supports the services provided by RTM
  • providing technical training to RTM departments in the use of shared hardware, software, applications, and databases
  • facilitating data transactions within RTM and among MSK departments and external partners by extracting and consuming data from or to supported systems to be used within other systems, analytics, and reporting
  • providing end-user support on new functionality or reporting requests, system enhancements, and bug fixes

RTM IT develops and supports original/in-house developed applications and actively manages licensed software products, subscription services, and software as a service (SAS) implementations. RTM IT delivers cost-effective, creative, and innovative technology solutions and provides efficient, high-quality services.