Financial Management and Reporting


The Research Financial Management and Research Financial Planning units of the Office of Research and Project Administration provide customer service and support to the research community for post-award activities related to grants, contracts, and other types of sponsored projects. The unit provides financial management and administrative coordination to support basic, translational, and clinical research programs, and is responsible for the following:

  • Governing  institutional resources
  • Ensuring compliance with institutional and awarding agencies’ policies and regulations
  • Developing and preparing the Sloan Kettering Institute annual budget and the strategic utilization of financial resources to meet the objectives of the Board of Directors
  • Conducting the review and approval of all financial transactions, including hire and appointment of personnel, operating and capital purchases, and interinstitutional agreements
  • Communicating and negotiating administrative and financial issues with external agencies and collaborating institutions
  • Defining institutional standards and establishing appropriate procedures to ensure best practice objectives in research administration
  • Providing advice, administrative guidance, and information to the research community