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Technology Development

The Office of Technology Development

Our 2018 work to date
  • 66 Invention Disclosures
  • 82 Patent Applications
  • 16 Patents Issued

The Office of Technology Development (OTD) is the unit of RTM that manages Memorial Sloan Kettering’s world-class portfolio of intellectual property. It is responsible for identifying and evaluating new inventions; seeking patent protection; and developing, managing, and commercializing the institution’s innovations.

In addition, the OTD’s New Ventures and Business Development unit works to facilitate the creation of start-up companies and to raise capital necessary for commercialization. The Contracts unit is responsible for the legal oversight of OTD’s interactions with industrial partners, academic-research institutions, start-up companies, and other entities, as well as the assessment and legal protection of intellectual property interests including discoveries, inventions, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.