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SK-HEP-1: Human Hepatic Adenocarcinoma Cell Line



SK-HEP-1 is an immortal, human hepatic adenocarcinoma cell line that grows in adherent culture. This cell line is capable of forming tumors in immunocompromised mice. SK-HEP-1 cells in culture have been shown to produce fibronectin and functionally active alpha-1 protease inhibitor. In addition, they constitutively produce Interleukin-1.


This cell line was established in 1971 from the ascites fluids of a 52-year old Caucasian male with adenocarcinoma of the liver.


  • Germain Trempe, formerly at Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Jorgen Fogh, PhD, formerly at Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Key References

  • Fogh J et al. (1977) One hundred and twenty-seven cultured human tumor cell lines producing tumors in nude mice. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 59: 221-226 (PubMed ID: 327080)
  • Glasgow JE et al. (1984) Fibronectin synthesized by a human hepatoma cell line. Cancer Research 44: 3022-3028 (PubMed ID: 6327032)
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An alternative hypothesis regarding the origin of the SK-HEP-1 cells was presented by Heffelfinger and colleagues, who claim that these cells do not display properties of hepatocytes and are of endothelial origin (PubMed ID: 1371504).

Licensing Information

This cell line may be licensed nonexclusively for research or commercial purposes.

Contact Information

  • For licensing requests: Alexandra Buga, MBA, Business Development Analyst, Office of Technology Development, MSK, 646-888-1078,
  • For non-licensing requests from academic-research institutions: Frances Weis-Garcia, PhD, Associate Laboratory Member/Head, Antibody & Bioresource Core Facility, MSK, 646-888-2354,

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