Strategic Focus Areas


We are interested in establishing collaborations and alliances with innovative, digitally focused companies that can have a tangible impact on the treatment or management of cancer. The following focus areas are our primary areas of interest, but we are also open to exploring opportunities outside these areas if there is a fit with our institution’s needs and priorities. 

MSK Innovation Hub Primary Areas of Focus 

  • Digital Therapeutics: Digital products which deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. 
  • Computational Oncology: AI / ML technologies to elucidate tumor growth pathways, tumor biology, bioinformatics, and/or tumor marker profiles, and develop predictive models (including digital twins) based on this information.
  • Drug development and discovery: AI solutions which can be used to develop and discover novel therapies for cancer.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO): Technologies that enable patient monitoring involving managing, evaluating, notifying, intervening, and modifying the treatment plan as needed based on electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) data. 
  • Population Insights: Solutions that enable screening of patients, risk stratification, and high-risk surveillance and monitoring (HRSM) with a focus on early detection and diagnosis. 
  • Clinical Trials: Clinical trial matching, RPM solutions designed for clinical research that are complementary to or can integrate with MSK’s patient portal (MyMSK), technology that leverages real world evidence (RWE) for applications including synthetic trial arms. 
  • Biomarker Development: Technologies and capabilities for identification of new or existing biomarkers, particularly those that may leverage MSK’s genetic testing technologies (including MSK-IMPACT® and MSK ACCESS®. 
Wondering if the MSK Innovation Hub accelerator program would be a good fit for your company’s digital health strategic focus? Reach out to Rick Peng, Business Development & Licensing Manager, to discuss potential areas for collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering’s clinicians, researchers, and digital health innovators.