Boris Hristov, MD

Research Fellow

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Current Employment

  • Surgical Resident, Boca Regional Hospital, Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine, Miami, FL


  • Adusumilli PS, Bikson M, Rizk NP, Rusch VW, Hristov B, Grosser R, Tan KS, Sarkaria IS, Huang J, Molena D, Jones DR, Bains MS. A prospective trial of intraoperative tissue oxygenation measurement and its association with anastomotic leak rate after Ivor Lewis esophagectomy. J Thorac Dis. 2019. Accepted.
  • Hristov B, Eguchi T, Bains S, Dycoco J, Tan KS, Isbell JM, Park BJ, Jones DR, Adusumilli PS. Minimally invasive lobectomy is associated with lower noncancer-specific mortality in elderly patients: a propensity score matched competing risks analysis. Ann Surg. 2019;270(6):1161-1169
  • Eguchi T, Bains S, Lee MC, Tan KS, Hristov B, Buitrago DH, Bains MS, Downey RJ, Huang J, Isbell JM, Park BJ, Rusch VW, Jones DR, Adusumilli PS. Impact of increasing age on cause-specific mortality and morbidity in patients with stage I non-small c ell lung cancer: a competing risks analysis. J Clin Oncol. 2017;35(3):281-90.
  • Books and book chapters:
  • Hristov B, Adusumilli PS, Park BJ. Robotic Mediastinal Surgery. SAGES Atlas of Robotic Surgery. Springer. 2017.