Postdoctoral Fellow


We currently have a postdoctoral position available in the Adusumilli Laboratory at MSK. The laboratory’s focus is on developing and translating adoptive T-cell therapy for the treatment of cancers.

Novel therapeutic strategies in cancer immunotherapy have been developed with the introduction of genetic engineering technologies that permit efficient gene transfer in human primary T cells. By using recombinant oncoretroviruses and lentiviruses as vectors, we are investigating the antitumor efficacy of T-cell immunotherapy against various solid cancers, including lung cancer, breast cancer, and mesothelioma. We have published extensively on immunodeficient and immunocompetent clinically relevant orthotopic mouse models, which we have used to characterize the tumor environment and the host immune system response, leading to a better understanding of immunotherapy and further advancement of cancer immunotherapy protocols. This work has led to several currently active clinical trials.

Responsibilities include working directly with the lab head to design, develop, and execute bench experiments; supervising technicians/research fellows in the conduct of bench experiments and coordinating with core laboratories to process samples; and performing data management. Additionally, he/she will analyze experimental results to derive logical conclusions, draft experimental procedures, prepare manuscripts pertaining to research work, and maintain detailed laboratory records.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD or MD/PhD, with a background in immunology, a passion for science, and a desire to advance the understanding and treatment of cancer. A highly organized and self-directed individual with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a dynamic environment is desired. Familiarity with general oncology and cancer pathogenesis; knowledge of molecular/genetic concepts, experimental methods, and data analysis; and the ability to maximize resources and troubleshoot effectively are essential. The candidate should have experience with and be willing to work with mouse models and should be comfortable with the handling of human blood and tissue samples.

Application Requirements

Please send a CV, bibliography, brief statement of research interests, and names and details of three references to Summer Koop, Editor/Grant Coordinator, [email protected]