Our Mission: Collaborative Resources

Center for Epigenetics Research

The Center for Epigenetics Research (CER) is developing research infrastructures and starting new initiatives to support and strengthen epigenetics research at MSK. When fully implemented CER will have established initiatives at every stage along the spectrum of scientific discovery — from basic laboratory studies to preclinical research and clinical trials.

Specifically, CER is:

  • Developing and supporting a core epigenetics infrastructure focused on implementation of the newest laboratory technologies in epigenetic research and in bioinformatics in the Epigenetics Innovation Lab and in the Computational Epigenetics lab, respectively.
  • Supporting collaborative scientific projects at MSK through CER grants; by organizing bi-weekly “work-in-progress” seminars where postdocs and PhD students present their recent results; and through meetings between the PIs affiliated with CER, in which they present new scientific ideas, discuss new collaborations and how epigenetic research can be strengthened at MSK.
  • Supporting education, training and outreach activities.