Epigenetics Innovation Lab


Epigenetic aberrations play important roles in cancer development and progression. To understand how epigenetic processes contribute to cancer, we have established the Epigenetics Innovation Lab, which provides MSK researchers with state-of-the-art epigenomic profiling assays to study cancer-associated changes in chromatin accessibility, DNA methylation, and histone modifications. The Epigenetics Innovation Lab provides both standard and customized services to fit a large variety of research needs. We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the teams/researchers interested in developing new techniques to support projects related to epigenomics. Below is a list of established assays and new assays in development.  

Assays currently available:

•Omni-ATAC (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin)
More about Omni-ATAC
•ChIP (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation)
More about ChIP
•CUT&RUN (Cleavage Under Targets and Release Using Nuclease)
More about CUT&RUN
•CUT&Tag (Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation)
More about CUT&Tag
•WGBS (Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing)
More about WGBS
•RRBS (Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing)
More about RRBS
•Nanopore Sequencing
More about Nanopore Sequencing

Assays in development:

•T-WGBS (Tagmentation-based Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing)
More about T-WGBS
•CUT&Tag-BS (Cleavage Under Targets and Tagmentation coupled with Bisulfite Sequencing)
More about CUT&Tag-BS


Ruifang Li